About Us

Who are we?

MA Electronics is a diversified electronics company that specializes in manufacturing, product development, and penetrative distribution within focused segments of the global electronics market.

Headquartered in Singapore, our management & operations teams have over 30 years of industrial experience within the global electronics market. This has allowed us to cultivate strong strategic alliances within the manufacturing centers of Asia and distribution networks all over the world.

A comprehensive solutions provider, MA Electronics always strives to provide its customers with a compelling edge in today’s competitive business environment. Our innovation engine stems from decades of investments and collaborations with the brightest minds of the industry in Singapore and beyond.


To support the development & advancement of electronics that change the world.


Our commitment to providing our customers with the quality that they need to compete has given us a fiercely loyal customer base.

We are extremely thankful to our customers and business partners for this, and will continue to focus on providing our partners with the greatest value possible.